Recent Finish: Country Lane Quilt Featuring a Hymn Panel

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If you’re new here, “Something is Better Than Nothing” is a micro blog series where I share what’s going on in my sewing room this week, no matter how small and unfiltered. I hope to encourage you to celebrate your little “somethings,” too, because something is better than nothing. Happy sewing, Mama!

Here’s something that happened in my sewing room this week: 

Close up of 12 blocks of my Country Lane quilt featuring a fabric panel of graphic hymn titles from Fancy That Design House for Moda Fabrics.

I recently finished a quilt I worked on for over a year. I had no idea it would take me so long! 

It was early 2022. Picture this: I was browsing for a pattern and fabric, looking for the perfect quilt to make for my in-laws for Christmas. I was so super proud of myself. I’d surely be done within a month, and have the whole rest of the year. I was a plan-ahead rock star.

Then Thanksgiving rolls around. Still not finished.

December starts. Still not finished. Getting more nervous. Pulling some late nights. Starting to realize that 240 1.5” HSTs is ALOT.

On Christmas, I brought 12 blocks. All pieced, but not put together. I gave them the vision...showed them the pattern...hoped it made sense. 

And then FINALLY, this spring, I finished it. They came for a visit, and I got to give them the beautiful, completed quilt!

Here it is:

My Country Lane quilt held up in a yard in front of the sunset and a barn.

Not one bit of editing on that y'all! The gorgeous Georgia sunset definitely adds a little something.

Here's the details:

It’s probably my favorite make to date, but I will just caution the considering quilter that 240 1.5” HSTs is a. Whole. Lot. But, you can do it! 😘

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