Introducing: The "Something is Better Than Nothing" Microblog Series

A red fabric square sewed to a white and gray dash print fabric square with a needle and thread on a dark wood background.

Something is better than nothing. 

I’m currently 9-weeks postpartum.

Right now, I cannot write an eloquent 2,000-word blog with a 9-week-old baby. I cannot edit 12 photos into a sharp, bright wonderland that’s ready for the Instagram discovery page with a 9-week-old baby. I can’t post a fancy new reel every day with a 9-week-old baby.

But something is better than nothing. I CAN write a few sentences. I CAN snap a photo. I CAN just hit publish. ❤️

So, I’ve decided to start a little micro blog series. I’m going to celebrate the little things that I am able to get done in my sewing room by sharing it with you here. It might just be a little strip cutting, a seam or two, or even just making a single yo-yo here and there (hint-hint on what the first one will be about!). 

I am finding a few minutes here and there to do a little sewing. Sometimes it’s interrupted. Sometimes it’s just cleaning up my sewing space. But it’s something…and something is better than nothing! I appreciate every moment and every bit of creative time I find right now.

What to Expect in This Microblog Series

You can often expect the photos to be mostly unedited with toys and other chaos in the background. You can expect the stories to be quick and to the point!

But you know what? That’s reality. I’m a mom of 2, trying to sew a little and nurture a small business, too.

So, rather than hiding this beautiful, messy life, I’m here to honor this phase, share the reality, and celebrate the process! 

Here’s to all the “somethings” to come!



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