Hi! I’m Casey–mother, quilter, crafter, teacher, reader, toy picker upper, and Target Dollar Spot addict. 

In 2019, I was pregnant with my daughter, Pippa, while also in my first year of teaching five year olds how to paint at the same time. Then, in 2020, as I was coming off maternity leave, the pandemic hit. It took several months before I found the time and space to be creative again. 

I was so excited to sit in my sewing corner again and…nothing happened. I thought, “I’m here. Fabric’s here. Scissors are here. Machine’s here. Now what?”

Creativity–which had always been a steady flow in my life–seemed inaccessible! I was confused and anxious that my creativity had been permanently lost. 

After more than a little frustration–and well, anger–I finally found new ways to access and nurture my creativity. I rediscovered quilting and found a rich community of quilters with fresh designs, techniques, and beautiful fabrics. 

Quilt patterns and sew alongs became the roadmaps and travel guides I needed on my journey to finding my new creative self.

Sew Worthy Mama was born to help mamas nurture their creative enjoyment through quilting by providing meaningful and thoughtfully designed quilt patterns that emphasize process over product while also building a welcoming and encouraging community. Growth, relationships, nature, color, and play are all themes influencing my designs.

I create quilt patterns designed with motherhood in mind.

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