Making Fabric Yo-Yos On The Go

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If you’re new here, “Something is Better Than Nothing” is a micro blog series where I share what’s going on in my sewing room this week, no matter how small and unfiltered. I hope to encourage you to celebrate your little “somethings,” too, because something is better than nothing. Happy sewing, Mama!

Here’s something that happened in my sewing room this week: 

Yo-Yo-Making Kit including a black and white fabric square, white thread, small embroidery scissors, a needle and thread, a black and white yo-yo (already made) and an orange, large size, Clover brand yo-yo maker in 2 separate pieces.

Making Fabric Yo-Yos On the Go

So, technically, this didn’t happen in my sewing room…but that’s kinda why it’s magic! 

We recently got a new sectional for our back deck. We didn’t have any furniture there before, so it feels like we suddenly have a whole new living space! 

I’ve really enjoyed sitting out there while Jack naps and Pippa plays and turning a stack of scraps into yo-yos. I use a Clover yo-yo maker, and they come out perfect every time! 

Pippa loves to help with my yo-yos. She’s 3 years old, so I don’t let her handle the needle just yet (although I don’t think she’s very far from learning with heavy supervision and assistance). But she loves to choose which fabric I use next and pop the discs apart. She’s tried a time or two to pull the thread to gather the yo-yo together. For more ideas about how to get little kids involved and learning to sew, check out my blog on 7 safe ways.

I made a portable yo-yo-making kit and keep it together in a small clear upcycled packaging bag. I’m pretty sure bath toys came in this bag? No, it was tiny dinosaurs. Wait, was it a set of paints? Point is, you probably have one of these lying around.

Materials to Build Your Own Portable Yo-Yo-Making Kit:

  1. Clover yo-yo maker (comes in 4 sizes)
  2. Stack of scraps large enough for your maker size
  3. Small scissors
  4. Needle
  5. Thread
  6. Small box or bag to contain it all and take on the go!
Clear and green bag containing fabric yo-yo making supplies in front of a beige curtain on a wooden table

If portable sewing sounds good to you, I also wrote a guide for building a portable kit for sewing 9 patches that you can download by subscribing to my newsletter. These kits are great to have on hand to get a little sewing done when you’re outside, on the bleachers, or even on the road.

Several fabric yo-yos, a yo-yo-maker, fabric squares, thread, a pack of needles, all on top of a white quilt

Yo-Yo Project Ideas

I’ve been collecting ideas on a Pinterest board, but I don’t have a plan for what I’m going to do with all of these yo-yos yet.

One idea I had for just a few pairs of yo-yos is making a memory game for Pippa. She is obsessed with finding matches right now – colors, numbers, socks, you name it, she’ll find a match for it! – so I thought I’d stitch a yo-yo onto one side of a neutral felt square, make a matching partner, do this for maybe 5-10 pairs, and make a little bag for her to keep them in, too. I will definitely show you when I try this out!

Ideas for using up yo-yos from around the internet:

I hope to make several different yo-yo projects eventually. Until then, I’ll just be out on the deck, kicked back, enjoying the breeze, stitching and pulling up a million yo-yos! Haha, just kidding, I have a 9-week-old, remember?! In all seriousness, I probably made 3 in the last week, so this could take a while…

Pin for later:

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