Advent Cards and Pockets: A Christmas Table Runner Tradition

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Names of Jesus Advent Cards for the Pockets Full of Blessings quilted table runner pattern collection -  countdown to Christmas

The Pockets Full of Blessings Pattern Collection is so much more than just a quilted table runner. It's a family tradition. And with the new Advent Card Set, it's a Christmas tradition.

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What is Advent?

Advent is a time of waiting and expectation. A time to celebrate and remember the very first advent -- awaiting Jesus's first coming. And a time to hope during the current advent -- awaiting Jesus's second coming.

There are many advent toys, calendars, and such out there. Some offer a piece of a whole each day to build a toy or picture over 24 days. Some offer a treat to eat or something to collect each day. Others provide the basis for a daily devotional study.

Advent Cards for the Pockets Full of Blessings Table Runner Pattern Collection

Sew Worthy Mama's Advent Cards

Used with the Pockets Full of Blessings quilted table runner, this Advent Card Set is the newest way to celebrate Advent. It's perfect for quilters and DIYers who want to bring their skills to the table (see what I did there?).

Sew Worthy Mama's Advent Card Set includes 26 cards, each with a different name of Jesus and scripture reference. Plus, one card to start Advent and explain the season, and one for Christmas Day. A number at the top of each card peeks out from the pockets of the DIY quilted table runner to visually count down the days until Christmas, starting on December 1. 

These cards will help you come to know more about who Jesus is each day as you read scriptures that give him many names from Redeemer, Savior, and Immanuel, to The Lamb of God, The Great Physician, and The Light of the World.

 Names of Jesus Advent Cards - Count Down to Christmas - Pockets Full of Blessings Quilted Table Runner Pattern Collection

How to Use Sew Worthy Mama's Advent Cards and Table Runner

There are several ways you can use these cards with your Pockets Full of Blessings table runner during the Advent season:

  • Fill the table runner card-by-card, each day. Add one card to a pocket each day until Christmas.
  • Empty the table runner card-by-card, each day. Remove a card from a pocket each day until Christmas.
    • Consider displaying them in your home as you remove them from the pockets. Clip them onto a ribbon hanging on the wall or clip them to your tree or a garland.
  • Turn the cards over each day. Place all the cards in the pockets, and each day, turn it over to reveal the number, name of Jesus, and reference until Christmas. 
  • Combine the advent cards with the gratitude journaling cards. There's no reason not to do both! Discuss the name of Jesus card each day, then record your thoughts or blessings on a journaling card.

Names of Jesus Advent Cards - countdown to Christmas - Pockets Full of Blessings Quilted Table Runner Pattern Collection - shown on dining table with plates

What You Need to Create This Advent Tradition

First, you'll need the Pockets Full of Blessings Pattern Collection. It includes:

  • The Quilted Table Runner pattern with 26 pockets
    • Use the 2 spare pockets for a beginning and ending treat!
  • Printable Gratitude Journaling Cards
  • A Set of 8 Inspirational Gratitude Quote Cards
  • The Advent Cards Set -- 24 Names of Jesus + 2 Cards for the beginning and end of Advent
  • A Keepsake Pouch pattern (for saving your cards each year!

These cards are a PDF file that you'll print at home. The paper and two tools I recommend are:

  1. Neenah cardstock
  2. Fiskars paper trimmer
  3. Corner rounder punch

If you don't want to cut each card by hand, or if you just want a quick, easy, and flawless finish, you'll want to check those tools out. 

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The Jesus Storybook Bible Christmas Collection Book

More Advent Resources

If you're looking for more resources to help build your Names of Jesus Advent tradition, here are a few books to consider:

I hope these cards inspire a daily rhythm for your family in December to open your Bibles together and read about who Jesus is.

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