21+ Ideas to Celebrate Valentine's Day with Pockets Full of Blessings

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Pockets Full of Blessings quilted table runner, Valentine's Day edition

Ever since I released the Pockets Full of Blessings quilted table runner pattern collection, I have been so excited about making a Valentine's Day version. There's so much potential for creative little surprises to stuff in the pockets!

If you haven't seen it yet, the Pockets Full of Blessings table runner features a row of pockets down each side. It comes with various sets of printable cards for multiple occasions. Use it at Thanksgiving with gratitude journaling cards or at Christmas with advent cards, and now, use it in February to count down to Valentine's Day with two brand new sets of cards. Read about them and 21+ small valentine ideas for your table runner pockets below.

Note: if you have purchased the pattern in the past before these cards were available, you will receive an email to download the new file. Send me a message if you have any trouble.

Included Printable Card Sets

The Pockets Full of Blessings quilted table runner pattern collection comes with 2 printable card sets for counting down the days in February until Valentine's Day.

Random Acts of Kindness Card Set

1. One set features 14 ideas for random acts of kindness. I personally want to teach my kids that Valentine's Day can be about all sorts of love and kindness, not just romantic love. So, you can use this set to inspire a little extra kindness each day--even to make a habit of it!

Random Act of Kindness cards for the Pockets Full of Blessings quilted table runner

Lined Love Notes Card Set

2. The second set is simply lined and numbered for each day in February through Valentine's Day. Use them to write little love notes each day. You could write them to a significant other or to your kids. Print multiple sets for multiple kids and just stack them in the pockets.

Lined love notes cards for the Pockets Full of Blessings quilted table runner

Small Gifts for Pockets

You could also stuff the table runner's pockets with small gifts for each day, or you could add them in with the printed cards. Here are some small (and flat) gift ideas that fit in the pockets. Pick one or mix and match a variety!

  1. Chocolates. Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares seem like they were made for these pockets! They're the perfect size and shape. 
    Cards and chocolates in the pockets of the Pockets Full of Blessings quilted table runner for Valentine's Day
  2. Yo-Yo hair tie/clippie. I love my Clover Fabric Yo-Yo makers (Amazon or Fat Quarter Shop), and one of my favorite quick projects to make with them is a hair tie. In fact, my daughter often asks for a "bow" when she sees me working with a fabric she likes. She means a yo-yo hair tie. Simply hand stitch a yo-yo to a hair elastic or scrunchie. For clippies, same concept, but glue the yo-yo to a clippie. Hand stitch for added security. (Set of 40 black clippies, or 120 rainbow clippies - both under $7)
  3. Temporary tattoos. Here's a set of 168 for $4. Stuff your table runner and all the kids' school valentines, too!
  4. Bead Maze. Small and flat. Here's a set of 48 in the shape of hearts - also good for your table runner + school.
  5. Bracelets. Those letter beaded bracelets are back in style. Grab a ready-made set here or make your own! (This is probably my favorite idea in this list! My 4-year-old daughter would absolutely LOVE to collect a bracelet each day!) The words you could create are endless. Think "love," "kindness," "hope," "faith"... or go with those Valentine heart candy messages: "Be Mine," "Kiss Me," "Hug Me," "Call Me," "XOXO."
  6. Earrings. You could go in a few directions with earrings. Here's a set of dangly earrings with a new Valentine heart candy message for each day, or go with stick-ons or clip-ons for smaller kids, or make your own!
  7. Printed games. Think tiny word-searches, connect the dots, or mazes. Print them small enough for the pockets or just fold regular sized papers to fit. Here's a site with lots of free printable games and worksheets.
  8. Trading cards. Pokemon, L.O.L. Surprise Cards, or Dragon Ball Z cards. 
  9. Magnetic photo frames. These are the perfect size for the pockets. Just add your own photos!
  10. Stickers! Waterproof vinyl stickers, glitter foam heart stickers, puffy stickers, window clings, regular ole' paper stickers. The possibilities are endless!
  11. Coupons. Make your own coupons. Think "Breakfast in Bed," "Any Chore," "Free Massage," "Free Hug," etc.
  12. Instructions for silliness. Write out the steps to do something silly to start out your day with a laugh! For example: "1. Find something purple. 2. Think of your favorite song. 3. Sing your favorite song using the purple thing as a microphone."
  13. Recipe for the day. Keep it simple like, "Parfait: yogurt, berries, granola." Or "Pancakes: mix, egg, milk, syrup." Encourage the kids to help cook!
  14. Quotes. Write out your favorite book quotes, song lyrics, or Bible verses about love.
  15. Paper Valentines. Go fully DIY or grab a class set of ready-to-go Valentines.
  16. Scratch paper hearts. Give your kids a blank canvas to scratch away a new design each morning.
  17. Custom cookies. Ok, this one is totally outside of my comfort zone, but here's some supplies and ideas if you're into this! I think maybe I could handle this one!
  18. Craft-spiration. Stuff your pockets with small craft/sewing supplies or scraps and challenge yourself to make something with them each day. 
  19. Self-love challenge. Write down a self-care activity you enjoy for each day to enjoy!

Pockets Full of Blessings Table Runner

I hope you found some good ideas in this list for using your table runner during Valentine's Day. I find that it helps bring a little joy to what can be a busy morning at the table getting everyone fed and ready. 

Pockets Full of Blessings quilted table runner for Valentine's Day

If you don't yet have a copy of the Pockets Full of Blessings Table Runner pattern collection, grab it here. It's a very quick project to sew, and you may even have enough fabric in your stash already! 


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What great ideas you have! I’m totally impressed. My ‘littles’ are 46 and 48 and the grandkids are 15 and 17, so we’re out of that stage! Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog and terrific ideas. I’ve been sewing/quilting well over 50 years now so I use scraps or my stash when sewing, so any ideas are always appreciated, esp since I give away about 98% of what I make. Thanks again!


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