Review: 6 Patterns From Oh Me Oh My Sewing

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6 Dresses made using Oh Me Oh My Sewing Patterns hanging on a clothing rack

Ok, I am obsessed with this clothing pattern company and I just have to share it with you!

It’s Oh Me Oh My Sewing - I’ve made 6 of her patterns at least 9 times! Oh Me Oh My is a one-woman show, although I can hardly believe it with all Monica’s beautiful patterns and variations! She’s truly amazing.


pattern pieces of the Nora dress from Oh Me Oh My Sewing

7 Things I Love About Oh Me Oh My Patterns

There’s a lot to love in these patterns!

  1. Simplicity – If you know me, you know I love simplicity in patterns! After my first make of any Oh Me Oh My pattern, I can make one in 2 nights – including interruptions! 
  2. Clarity – The tutorial steps in each pattern are so clear and she even anticipated where you might get confused and added in a bit of extra walk-through. Each step is accompanied by a clear photo often with lines and arrows added to make sure you see what you need to notice.
  3. Variety – Both of the patterns and within the patterns. Let me explain: There are first, just a ton of patterns to choose from! Dresses, shirts, pants, shorts, rompers, hats, overalls, you name it! But also, there’s lots of variety within each pattern. Choose from sleeveless, short sleeve, long sleeve, tie backs, straight skirts, ruffle skirts, shorts, pants, cuff, no cuff. There are really endless possibilities.
  4. Accurate Sizing and a Wide Range of Sizes – I can get pretty intimidated when sewing for myself, unsure what to do if I measure for different sizes between my chest and my hips. But Monica gets the sizing just right for little girls! I’ve never had a problem with a garment fitting Pippa. I measure her before each make just in case she has grown more than I may realize, and whatever the numbers say, the size comes out perfect! Beyond just accurate sizing, there are LOTS of sizes included in the patterns! Most go from 0-3 months up to 6 years. Some go even higher!
  5. PDF Format – I absolutely LOVE PDF patterns for clothing because it makes them less precious. If you accidentally slice through a piece, you can just reprint it! When your kid inevitably outgrows a size, you can just reprint it! There’s no need to trace a pattern because you can just reprint it! I also prefer the stiffness of printed paper over tissue paper for accurate cutting. And Monica has started layering her patterns so that you can select and print only one size at a time, eliminating some of the visual confusion of various kinds of lines connoting different sizes. Not every pattern is available in layers yet, but it seems like she is going back to older patterns to offer layers as she is able to get to them. New patterns seem to be coming out with layers from the beginning.
  6. Style – The sweetest little details make each of Monica’s patterns just precious. In fact, the details are the reason I find myself making each pattern over and over! I can’t get enough of the cute little snaps and ties and gathers. But, like I said, these patterns aren’t complex! Somehow Monica manages to add in plenty of sweetness without sacrificing simplicity – her greatest accomplishment in my opinion!
  7. Discounts – Monica lists discounts for buying multiple patterns on her site. The more you buy, the more you save, up to 30%!

My Favorite Oh Me Oh My Sewing Patterns

Let’s talk about the 6 different Oh Me Oh My patterns I’ve made (multiple times over!) for myself and Pippa!

Nora Dress + Top

3 dresses hanging on a clothing rack made with the Nora Dress + Top Pattern from Oh Me Oh My SewingI’ve made 3 Noras – all dresses so far. I keep trying to make a Nora top, but every time I do, I think wellllll, I have enough fabric for a dress, so…..a dress it is! I just can’t help it!

peach double gauze dress with snaps made using the Nora Dress + Top pattern from Oh Me Oh My Sewing

The first Nora I made was a solid double gauze in a dusty peach color from Joann. I made this one the night before we had maternity photos taken. I couldn’t find anything for Pippa that matched my dress, so I made one! 

Pippa wearing her Nora Dress from the Oh Me Oh My Sewing pattern. photo by bend and bloom, Hannah Allison.

Photo by Bend and Bloom.

Rainbow seersucker dress with snaps made using the Nora Dress + Top pattern from Oh Me Oh My Sewing

The second Nora I made was in this rainbow seersucker from Hobby Lobby. This one was purely made because I saw that fabric and immediately knew Pippa needed a dress out of this! She loves it and asks frequently to wear her “rainbow dress.” Then she reminds me that she loves “rainbows, unicorns, hearts, and butterflies,” which may or may not be a subtle hint that I also ought to make three more dresses showcasing unicorns, hearts, and butterflies…

Dress made in green floral vintage fabric using the Nora Dress + Top pattern from Oh Me Oh My Sewing

The third Nora was made from a vintage fabric from my grandma’s collection. I don’t know the designer or collection because grandma actually cut the selvedges from her fabrics. I don’t know why she did that, but it makes everything from her stash a mystery! Regardless, this one is extra special to me since it came from her. Green was her favorite, and I know she’d love to see Pippa in this.

Future Noras I’d love to make…I’d love to make a Nora in a Rifle floral print like this. I’d also like to try it in 2 fabrics, one for the bodice, one for the skirt, sort of a color-block situation. I actually did that with another pattern I’ll talk about below! And I’d like to try it as a top if I can ever convince myself not to just make it a dress. Maybe I’ll get the top made out of some leftover Sprout Woven fabric from Fableism! I don’t have much, so that’s a good way to stick to just a top! It would be so sweet in a chambray, too!

Nora snaps up in the back, and I love using white metal snaps like this. I set them with this snap setter. I have to plan for snaps when no one is napping because it does require a few claps of a loud hammer!

Wrap Bodice Dress

Two dresses hanging on a clothing rack made with the Wrap Bodice Dress pattern by Oh Me Oh My SewingThe Wrap Bodice Dress is another classic I’ve made 2 times! The pattern comes with a tie-shoulder or snap version, but I’ve gone with the tie each time. It’s just too cute, and I get my snap fix in with other patterns like Nora. 

My first Wrap Bodice was Pippa’s 2022 Easter dress. I used a Sevenberry floral print. I couldn’t get over how cute this dress was, and I knew I’d be making more!

Pippa in a Wrap Bodice dress made using the pattern from Oh Me Oh My Sewing

So, a couple of months later, I came across some really cute red, white, and blue fabrics that were more picnic to me than flag, so I made a sweet little dress for Pippa to wear on the 4th of July…which reminds me, she needs something new for this coming 4th! The scarlet daisy chain fabric I used is on sale here as of the time of this writing.

Pippa wearing her red Wrap bodice dress made using the Oh Me Oh My Sewing pattern

Future Wrap Bodice Dresses I’d love to make…I’d like to see this pattern in a seersucker after it was so cute on the Nora. I’d definitely go for another two-tone or color-block version. A pair of fabrics from the Slow Stroll collection would be super cute! It might be fun to add a little trim to the neckline! Speaking of the neckline and the wrap overlap…this pattern would be perfect for playing with stripes! You could turn the pattern pieces to make the stripes run vertically on one side of the bodice and horizontally on the other. Here’s a beautiful Essex Linen with stripes that would be perfect!

*Tie-Shoulder Tip*: to get the ties to lay perfectly, tie one knot with the right side on top, then the next knot with the left side on top. You can start with either side on top, but as long as the top knot is the opposite, the bow will lay just right! Repeat for the other shoulder.

Daisy Dress

Dress hanging on clothing rack made using the Daisy Dress pattern from Oh Me Oh My SewingThe Daisy Dress is similar to the tie version of the Wrap Bodice Dress except it ties in the back and has a sweet little cut-out! I’ve only made one so far, but don’t you worry, I’ll definitely be making it again!

Close up of the back tie and cut out of a dress made using the Daisy Dress pattern from Oh Me Oh My Sewing

I tried out a color block style for Pippa’s Easter dress this year with a subtle pink stripe on the top and a coordinating floral on the bottom. I LOVE how this turned out! Just using two fabrics automatically elevates this style without adding any additional work!

Pippa wearing her Daisy dress made using the Oh Me Oh My Sewing pattern

The Daisy fabric collection by Maureen Cracknell would be a lovely pairing for the Daisy Dress! What a co-inky-dink! 

*Tie-back Tip*: Just like the tie-shoulder tip on the Wrap Bodice Dress, tie your knots opposite to each other and they’ll lay perfectly! For example, tie one knot with the right side on top, then tie the second knot with the left side on top.

Cowl Neck Dress

Casey Chatham holding a dress on a hanger made using the Ingrid dress pattern from Oh Me Oh My SewingI made this way back in January 2020 (which is when the photo is from!), and I think it has been updated and renamed to the Ingrid Dress since I purchased and made it. It was actually the first dress I made from Oh Me Oh My. It’s for knit fabrics, and it was a bit too fiddly for me at the time. I’m just not as comfortable working with knits, but the dress was super cute! I made the version without the cowl.

Pippa, 1 day old, wearing her Ingrid cowl dress made using the Oh Me Oh My Sewing pattern

Pippa came home from the hospital in it, despite the fact that it was way too big for her! After all, I didn’t have her to measure before I made this one!


Bummie Shorts

pink rib knit shorts made using the Bummie Shorts pattern from Oh Me Oh My SewingBummie shorts make a super comfy accessory to go underneath all of these dresses! I’ve made two for Pippa.

Notice, this is a pattern meant for knit fabrics! I use a stretch stitch on my sewing machine, but regular thread. The stretch stitch is basically like 3 straight stitches but the way the machine goes about it, they have room to allow a stretch without actually stretching the thread at all. Not every machine has this stitch. If you don’t, you’d want to use a serger. If you don’t have a stretch stitch or a serger, you’d want to grab the Freya Bloomers pattern instead – it’s meant for woven fabrics. I have the Freya pattern, but actually haven’t tried it yet since I’ve loved the stretchy Bummie shorts so much!

My first Bummies were out of a thicker knit fabric. It was a bit difficult to work with on the legs especially because of their thickness, but I did appreciate that none of my edges rolled.

The second pair used a thin ribbed knit (similar here). They came out even more comfy and soft, but were definitely fiddly to work with because the edges rolled constantly!

Tip: use wonder clips to hold your seams together while you sew. Pins and knit fabrics can result in a real mess because the pins can end up easily pulled out or even stick themselves into other layers unintentionally as you move the project around.

There are lots of knit fabric choices at ISEE Fabric.

Rosemary Dress

Pink double gauze dress hanging on clothing rack made using the Rosemary Dress pattern from Oh Me Oh My SewingThe Rosemary Dress is Monica’s only womens’ pattern for now, but I seriously hope she expands that collection in the future. As much as I love sewing for my kids, I would really love to add to my own handmade garment collection, too! 

Rosemary has two options for the straps and can be button-down or not. I’ve made the non-button down with the tie straps. 

This one is the least well-fitting of my makes, but I’m going to guess this has much more to do with the fact that women are harder to fit than little girls, AND I’m just not knowledgeable about adjusting patterns for my own body. 

When something is a little big for me, the best I know how to adjust them is to add a dart to the finished item, which is decidedly not the proper way to add a dart. In fact, it’s probably not even respectful to call what I’m talking about a dart at all! It’s probably more of a tack…and that’s not just because it looks a little tacky! Just kidding, you’d only notice if I pointed it out because no one is looking that closely at the construction of your garments!

I also made it in double gauze. I don’t think I’ll do that again. I’d like to try this one out in a regular woven cotton next time and see if that improves the fit. Double gauze is shifty when you’re cutting and stitching, so that might also have contributed to the bigger fit.

Future Patterns to Sew

3 fabrics on wood table: dark blue Sprout Wovens from Fableism, vintage blue with puppy dogs, and a light blue double gauze.So far, I’ve only sewn Monica’s girls’ and women’s patterns, simply because Jack is new, and I haven’t sewn any clothing for him yet. Babies grow out of things so quickly at first; it’s hard for me to commit the effort when it won’t be worn more than a few times. 

However, I am gearing up to make him some shorts. I’ve had such a hard time finding any for him, and I really think they’re necessary for comfort when wearing a onesie in a car seat! I wanna protect those little thigh rolls! 

So, I want to purchase the Rory Pants and Shorts pattern next, and I’m going to try it out with the light blue double gauze above! And a little ways down the road, I plan to make the Woven Overalls pattern with this cute duck print we found in my grandma’s stash, if it’s not too stiff. I’m going to wait until he’s 1 or 2 just so it can be worn a bit longer. I’m also thinking about trying out the T-Shirt Romper pattern.

And for Pippa, I’ve got my eye on the Sunflower Dress, the Bonnie Dress and Top, the Corrine Dress (that collar!), and the Magnolia Dress (the tiers!). The Rory shorts and pants are also unisex, so Pippa could also get a pair of those along with Jack.

That’s 7 patterns, if you’re counting. Her best discount is 30% off for 8 or more patterns, so I may as well throw in the Acorn Leggings to get up to 8! And since we’ve got the 30% off, why not get the Zion Leggings, too…pretty soon I’ll have the entire Oh Me Oh My collection!

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