A Free Sawtooth Star Baby Quilt Pattern by Sew Worthy Mama (and onesies to match!)

Rainbow sawtooth star quilt hanging on the wall and two onesies

Need a handmade shower gift in a hurry? I’ve been there. Usually, in a pinch, I’ll throw together a flannel whole cloth quilt with a large, simple grid of straight line machine quilting. Nothing wrong with that!

But what if you could piece an entire quilt top in under 2.5 hours? What about two quilt tops in under 3 hours? 

Well, you can, and you can have the pattern for free, too!

I timed myself making this pattern, and the first one took me 2 hours, 17 minutes. With the rainbow version, the 2-at-a-time HST method means that at the end of your first quilt top, you already have enough HST blocks to make a second one, so all you have to do for the second one is stitch your HSTs and background together-which took me 33 minutes, coming to 2 hours, 50 minutes to make TWO baby quilt tops!

Y'all...I even surprised myself with this speed! Keep in mind, I also paused to take lots of photos and set up my phone for recording video here and there, so without that, it would be even faster! 

Download the free pattern here, and you'll also get a 15% off coupon code for Sew Worthy Mama maternity tees and onesies (they match the quilt! see below...).

 Two Rainbow sawtooth star quilts hanging on a line outside

This free sawtooth star quilt pattern makes a 36” square baby quilt–perfect for milestone photos as baby grows! It even comes in 2 color ways: single color and rainbow. The single color is your fastest and most efficient for when you are most pressed for time. You'll only need to make 8 HSTs instead of 16, because they're all the same color. The rainbow version is the most efficient if you need to or want to keep one on hand for the next shower that comes up. It nearly makes two quilts at once. Just add ⅝ yard to the background fabric and you can have 2 quilts for twins or multiple showers in a flash. 

The sawtooth star design is timeless and classic. Perfect whether you have a little boy or girl to make for.

This quilt makes a great activity mat, too! My 2-year-old daughter loves to use it as a color matching activity! She finds things around the room, brings them to the quilt and places them on the matching color! It's a fun challenge!

rainbow sawtooth star quilt on the floor with matching toys placed over each color

This isn't written in the pattern, but I noticed it would be super easy to make a throw size, too! If you double your background fabric for 2 rainbow quilts, you can have four 36" stars, which would make a 72" throw if you put them all together! Two rainbow quilts requires 1 3/4 yards of Fabric K (background). Double that to 3 1/2 yards for a throw size. There's no need to increase the yardage for fabric C-J because there's enough in the width of fabric to cut the extra squares needed. Just cut one more each of 10.25" squares in each fabric C-J. You will, of course, need more binding and backing for a throw size. Backing would be 4 1/2 yards and binding would be 5/8 yard for a throw size 72" square quilt.

And check out these MATCHING ONESIES. Yeah, you read that right. 

See the full Fall 2022 Sew Worthy Mama apparel look book here.

White short sleeve "new kid on the block" onesie with black ink


Who can resist a good quilt pun, am I right? 

new kid on the block text with sawtooth star block
rainbow mama makes a good point text over a sawtooth star block

Ok, you are going to WIN at your next baby shower. Wait, I’m not the only one who feels competitive at showers with the gifts, am I? I mean, I’m probably not supposed to admit it, but it is a competition, right?? You get +20 points for an elaborately wrapped gift or diaper sculpture of some sort. +50 for a handmade gift. +100 for a handmade quilt that matches a onesie. Yep. I verified this with the international shower gift referee association, of course. You can’t lose.

Can’t you see the milestone photos with this quilt under baby???!!! And wearing one of these matching onesies, too?! I can barely handle the cuteness!!! Mine is due in March, and you are definitely going to be seeing the photos. 

Get the FREE pattern and 15% off apparel code now!

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Fall collection onesies designs quilt blocks

free quilt pattern image and matching onesie image

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Hi Vivian! I totally get when kids are big for their age! My daughter is always around the 98th percentile for height. I wanted to let you know that there are now toddler size tees available with the Sawtooth Star design! They range from 2T-5T. I hope you’ll check them out!


I love the cute onesies that go along with the quilt, so I checked them out, only to see that they only go up to 18-month size. :-) My grandson just turned one in October, but is already bigger than an average 2-year old, and even size 2 clothes are small on him! I just had to chuckle when I saw how small the onesies were. :-) Nothing wrong with that, but when we have a very large baby to clothe, these sizes just won’t do it! LOL They are really cute, though!!

Vivian Oaks

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